Radio Station Owned by Washington NFL Owner Defends Offensive Team Name

A radio station owned by Washington NFL ownner Daniel Snyder defended its use of the offensive team name. WWXX 94.9 FM in the Greater D.C. market, is responding to a petition filed by a George Washington University law school professor, and three local Native American radio professionals, to the FCC to ban station usage of the name on the grounds it is hate speech.

Zebra Broadcasting filed a 39 page response opposing that claim, and asking that the FCC renew their license. GWU professor John Banzhaf III, WPFW 89.3 Native American affairs radio host Jay Nightwolf, and his producers Louis Grimaldi and Vernon Iriarte, said that frequent use of the Washington NFL team name has caused harm to them and their fellow Native Americans.
Last month, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called the slur “offensive and derogatory”. Banzhaff expects a similar license challenge to be filed against a Los Angeles station.

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