Minnesota Activists Stage Largest Protest Against Washington Team Name

Washington Post sportswriter Mike Wise reports on the largest public protest against the offensive name of the Washington NFL team:


In an example of the remarks between the protestors and the fans attending the game between Washington and Minnesota:

“We don’t want to be your mascots,” the Crow Creek Sioux man said, over and over. “My kids are not your mascots.”

Clearly, Washington’s quarterback Robert Griffin III, is an insensitive to the racial slur as team owner Daniel Snyder. Before the game, Griffin told his teammates:

“We got a hostile environment!” Griffin said in an emotional pregame speech caught on camera. “It’s Us vs. Them . . . This is for us! For the helmet! For the name on the front of your jersey! Let’s go. One-two-three, work!”

For his part, Snyder’s most recent defense of the objectifying name, is that when the franchise was originally names in 1935, the term was not offensive. Never mind that the term has always been offensive to many, but Snyder’s logic, would rationalize naming a sports franchise or college team other ethnic slurs which have become not only socially unacceptable, but banned from network television.

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