Seattle Times Bans the Name “Redskins” From Use in the Paper

Seattle Times Sports Editor Don Shelton recently banned the name “Redskins” from his section in the Seattle Times.

“It’s offensive. Far from honoring Native Americans, the term colors an entire race. Many Native Americans consider it an outdated label placed on their people.”

Randy Lewis, who represents the Colville Confederated Tribes, feels the same way.

“I find it as offensive as black people find the N-word,” he said. “They say they’re trying to dignify or honor something with it. It doesn’t dignify us. It doesn’t honor us. It doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves.”

The Seattle Times isn’t the only newspaper to ban the name. The Portland Oregonian and the Kansas City Star banned it in the 1990s. And the paper will allow the name to be used in articles that deal with the controversy.

After receiving many negative responses to his decision, Don Shelton stated, “Your feedback won’t change our decision. Some things are too important to be put to a vote.”

Read more at The Seattle Times.

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