Hillary Clinton on the Washington Football Team Name – “It’s Insensitive”

Hillary Clinton stated earlier this week that the name of Washington football team – the Redskins – was “insensitive” and it is “time for change”.

Teams named after the American Indian have plagued the country more than once. The Kansas City Chiefs used a dancing, chanting, man in a feathered headdress until 1989.

The Washington football team is now being asked by several modern Indian nations to change their name, most prominently the Oneida Indian Nation. They feel that a word used as a racial slur against them for years should not be used as the name of a national sports symbol. And why should it?

Is it really worth fighting for something that hurts other people because it represents a team’s history? The Washington football team, by the way, was the last pro-football team to accept an African-American player.

Read More at The Washington Post.

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